Hi! I’m Katie, or Katie-astrophe. I’m a student nurse by day (and sometimes by night) and in my limited spare time, I enjoy things like roller derby, photography, travel, knitting, hand-lettering, and occasionally slam poetry. (Yes, I realise this makes me a bit of a queer cliché. I’m non-monogamous as well. Full house!)


The blog is named after my derby name, which I chose because I’m kind of accident prone. The first time I tried to use Heelys, I made a 10x2ft tomato-saucy-mess on the floor. Thankfully, my skating is a little more controlled… and I’ve given up on the Heelys.

But even when I’m not on skates, I’m still pretty ridiculous; I once accidentally hit myself in the face with a first aid kit. And then, a year to the day later (thanks, Timehop) I accidentally hit myself in the face with a pharmacy-size box of paracetamol. Because irony.

And yet you thought putting wheels on your feet would be a good idea…
I’m not always horizontal. I was just a bit shaky post laps-test!

It seemed like it might be fun, yeah. And it is!

I originally started out as a non-skating official (or NSO), and the idea behind the derby name was that Katie-astrophe doesn’t skate, because it would end in a catastrophe. But then I had a go at skating, and it turns out, on quads, I’m actually pretty okay. Better than on Heelys, anyway.

I’ll be sticking to refereeing, though – joining a pack of people actively trying to push each other out of the way seems too much like asking for trouble…

So… you’re a photographer?

 Yes! I mean, lots of people are these days, but I have a photography degree, and I own several cameras and often take pretty good photos with them. I’m not a photographer in the sense that I get money for doing it, nor do I want to be – I do it for fun, not profit.

Mostly I take photos of roller derby, but sometimes other things as well. I’ve always got a camera on me (again, who doesn’t, in the days of smartphones?) and my Instagram feed sees the most action, but I upload my ‘proper stuff’ to my photography page on Facebook.